Day trip to Salamanca

Day trip to Salamanca
Salamanca reposa sonriente sobre sus tres colinas
Duerme al son de las mandolinas
Y se despierta sobresaltada por el griterío de sus estudiantes
(Salamanca rests smiling on her three hills
She falls asleep to the sound of mandolins
And wakes up startled to the shouts of her students)
-Víctor Hugo




Being just an hour and half away from Madrid by high-speed rail, Salamanca is the perfect destination for a day trip (although a bit expensive at $65 for a round trip).  The Old City of Salamanca is a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its lively university dating back to 1218 and historic center jammed with gorgeous Romanesque, Gothic, Moorish, Renaissance and Baroque buildings.  Having only a few hours in this jewel of a city, I didn't dive too deep into Salamanca's history and culture, but I got a taste of it by walking around and poking my head in some buildings.  Some photos may not be so hot as they're taken from my phone (due to some technical issues, ahem), but enjoy!


panoramic of the grand Plaza Mayor

panoramic of the grand Plaza Mayor



Casa Lis

This Art Deco-slash-Art Nouveau museum was my first stop in Salamanca.  Unlike Francisco Horta's perfectly-preserved house museum in Brussels, this early 1900s treasure of a building is a museum of decorative arts from the 19th century to World War II.  Think rooms filled with figurines of delicate flappers, elegant 1920s perfume bottles, iridescent Bohemian glass vases, some very creepy porcelain dolls, all brought together by the brilliantly-lit stained glass Art Deco atrium.  Photos are unfortunately not allowed inside the museum, but for only $4.50, the Casa Lis is a worthwhile stop.




Salamanca Cathedral



Palacio de la Salina / Palacio de Orellana



Mercado Central



University of Salamanca